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The Business Wisdom of Star Trek is an article about finding the balance between leadership and management using the iconic TV series and movie franchise as a metaphor. This is one of a series and I have published dozens of business related editorial pieces as well as whitepapers and training documents over the years. Click the link here to read:  The Business Wisdom of Star Trek article.
The Active Times is a website based in New York with a readership over one million. In this article, I used personal and anecdotal experience as a trained yoga teacher and long-time rock climber to compare and contrast these two different activities. What I have found is that they complement and balance each other out in so many uniquely beneficial and fun ways. I was able to supply several of my own photos from traveling in SE Asia in order to successfully illustrate the concepts described in the article. Click the link here to www.theactivetimes.com website.
I have written several articles for travel websites including Expats and Aliens among others. This post was a short piece describing the 10 days I spent battling a life threatening illness in Thailand and importance of obtaining good travel insurance. You can read about it here at www.expatsandaliens.com . Another post was about how to stay fit while on the road for extended periods. In it, I offered a variety of fun, free and easy methods for keeping in shape along with photos taken at several overseas locations. You can read that story HERE.
I have been keeping a journal of my travels around the world and across the continental USA and Canada since 2013. In that time I have visited over 30 countries and had countless wonderful experiences worth sharing. As a professional photographer, I take my camera everywhere to document things so of course these often end up in my stories and posts. Actually, I also end up selling many on stock photo sites as well. I have posted too many articles to list here, but will supply links to few favorites so you can get a taste I hope.

I have done some broadcast interviews for TV, podcasts and training videos. Here is a link to a recent segment that ran in several major east coast markets including New York, Orlando, Cleveland and Boston. You can view the video HERE.
Most of my instructional design work for clients has been done under NDA or similar restrictions, so I have elected here to show samples from my own online training courses instead. These two are from my UDEMY.COM photography course on long exposures and composition. The first example is about aperture HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH WATERFALLS LIKE A PRO - APERTURE. and the second is about SHUTTER SPEED.

SpiderCrew - Forthcoming Book in 2016

Short Excerpt from the Book

A footprint in the sand

A footprint in the sand

..My only other practice cutting things has mentally ham-strung me into believing that I’m doomed to failure as a Faller before I even have a chance to get started. This is the flawed metaphor which has honeycombed my self-confidence with a whole network of wood-boring insects. The question is: "just how much rot has affected the foundations of the structure?" Will I let it bring down the house? In a nutshell, the tale goes something like this.

When I was a kid, mom made homemade bread and as a consequence we were all required to cut our own slices. Everyone else in the family could cut perfectly uniform dough tablets with little thought or effort. Not me however. The only images I can conjure up to associate my prior experience cutting anything, were these hideous Franken-slice abominations hacked from the loaf with all the grace and symmetry of a lobster pushed off the high-diving board. In my own mind, if I couldn’t even make a competent slice with a pitiful little bread knife, what the hell kind of twisted nightmare was I likely to produce manhandling a big production power saw at the base of some hapless tree?

It isn’t just a matter of embarrassing inelegance either; a poorly cut tree is a tree falling out of control. These trees can kill or maim whatever poor jerk and or jerks that happen to be loitering around their base. That means me, the instructor and possibly half the class. Even if I manage not to actually kill anyone, I know I wouldn’t survive the shame of such a botched job.

The logical hemisphere of my brain knows this argument is specious at best and laughably, ludicrously childish in all real likelihood. Too bad this hemisphere doesn’t wield a trifle more influence in the overall system that defines my current assessment of reality. The same part of my brain that conjured up monsters under the bed as a child appears to be in firm control of my internal dialogue as an adult. How in hell does a bread knife chopping its way through some hapless loaf equate to a chainsaw dismembering a forest giant? Well of course it doesn’t. "Stow it Cody and get the hell on with it already.."

On Dragonfly Wings - Forthcoming in 2016

Short Excerpt from the Book



By the end of the evening, I’d made my decision and had the endorsement of my parents and sister to proceed with my trip. The next day we all hopped in the car and they drove me back to the Seattle airport where I would begin the first leg of my journey.  Seattle was the city where until recently I had worked and lived in a beautiful home in a nice neighborhood with a wife, no kids and a cat. Now that was all gone. Washed away down some metaphorical drain, the colors of my life running together the way paint does when you’re rinsing a palette clean. At first they make this gorgeous kaleidoscope of vivid fractal art before finally blending into a lifeless muddy paste cascading down toward the pipes and sewers below.

How did I get to this point I mused silently. How did everything get so upside down so fast? What the hell was I looking for that I thought might save me? What precisely brought me to this journey that would later see me fighting for my life first on a beach and then in the hospital in Thailand? This satori where  I would become involved with a powerful quasi-religious cult employing classic brainwashing techniques to either subvert or save my soul? I would indeed circumnavigate the globe and then continue my aleatory odyssey across the continental USA. Providing I survived intact, what would I find at the end and would it be worth it?

I’ve heard it told that a traveler in a space-ship crossing the event horizon of a large black hole, or singularity as they often referred to in physics, wouldn’t even notice the change.  This is the point of no return. The gravity is so powerful here that nothing, not even light escapes. Inside this event horizon the laws of the universe as we understand them completely break down and we can have no real knowledge of reality there. As the traveler proceeds across this invisible barrier, no personal alarm bells or ship’s klaxons would sound to warn of impending doom. Only later, closer to the core would they briefly be aware as unimaginably powerful gravitational forces pulled the atoms in their body apart like taffy at the county fair.

To an observer watching this space ship approach a massive black hole’s event horizon, the period intervals on a blinking strobe fastened to the craft would steadily increase in time, until at some point they would become infinite. From inside the ship, time and events there remains relative and constant. The traveler would be warm and cozy inside that capsule right up to the moment gravitational forces stretched out all their atoms in a long ribbon of elemental destruction. They wouldn’t even have time to scream.

My journey was a little like that in that I didn’t see it coming and it’s hard to know precisely when I crossed that metaphorical event horizon. It's hard to believe someone could fly straight at something so colossal and menacing without noticing or taking evasive action, but that is exactly what I did..