The Ball in the Hall Children’s Book

First published in print and then for the Kindle on Amazon, this colorful and visually rich children's book has rapidly been gaining popularity and fans. Both versions have consistently garnered mostly 5-star reviews on several sites including Amazon and  This, despite an ironic lack of marketing effort on my part. This is something I am hoping to rectify however. Here's the story in summary:

Two kids love their family kitty more than even they fully understand. Unfortunately their beloved cat is so terribly stinky that they can hardly stand to be near him. Mom is unhappy, but has a plan to remedy the situation with a thorough scrubbing in the bathtub. The cat does smell much better, but it comes at a price no one could have foreseen and which no one is willing to pay. It's the Law of Unconditional Love. Will the family find a solution to their dilemma and save their beloved kitty?

The story behind the story involving the creation of this book is an interesting tale in itself, but it almost didn't happen for me and its completion was certainly delayed. It didn't take long to actually write the book, but the illustrations were a small challenge and time consuming. Originally I attempted to paint them using my old techniques as a commercial Illustrator using real acrylic paint, but I found that I just couldn't go back after working in digital media for so long. I found a way to replicate my old "painterly" style using software from Corel Painter and Photoshop and it actually expanded my range of expression plus it was seriously fun to paint. When the first paintings were nearly completed, my computer imploded and took with it all my image files and back-ups.

This was a real set-back and my subsequent divorce made it practically impossible to paint happy whimsical images for a while. Eventually I did return to recreating the images. When they were completed, I think they were a definite improvement on the first set and that made me very happy. I love the process of creating words and images so for me time just sort of stops when I'm working. It puts me in my happy place. I have written manuscripts for several other kids books now and busy working on the illustrations for the next one. I don't want to say much about it yet, but I think you're going to love reading it as much I enjoy creating it. I hope that holds true for everything I create.


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