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Author, Image-Maker and Blogger

I wrote and illustrated my first children's book The Ball in the Hall published in 2013 and currently have 5 other books at some stage of progress. Two of them are scheduled for publication the summer of 2015. Two more are due in the Fall/Winter of this year as well. Since leaving my position as Creative Director in advertising to travel around the world and then by car across the continental USA, I have been recording stories, photos and video on my adventure travel blog Gopher-Baroque.com. I've also been having fun writing articles and guest blogging for other sites including the odd TV interview here and there.

Designer and Consultant

With my background in graphic design, copy-writing and social media content marketing, I teamed up with Dell Hambleton to provide end-to-end services and consulting for smaller organizations. Thus DharmaPharm.com was born and we're growing with it. As far as content marketing goes, we're a one stop shop. In addition to copy-writing that gets results, we have both been selling photos and illustrations through stock agencies for years. In addition to training, marketing and "how-to" videos on YouTube and Vimeo, we are about to launch our first series of instructional courses on Udemy.com and elsewhere.

Instructional Designer

I have a long history in education and learning. In addition to many years as adjunct design with the Art Institute of Seattle (AIS) I was the first Visual Communications Department Chair at IADT-Seattle and continue to mentor students from around the world via Thinkful.com. As Dept. Chair, I created all Master Course Outlines (MCO's) and syllabi for two new BFA degree programs. I have been a speaker at many other schools and institutions as well. As a Consultant, I have been able to leverage this experience as well as skills gleaned from years in private industry working as a Digital Creative Director and UI/UX expert to Instructional Systems Design. In this capacity, I employ a full range of methods such as ADDIE, UBD, ISD, Kemp and more. My toolbox includes all sorts of hardware and software such as the full Adobe Creative Suite, Camtasia, Storyline, Microsoft Office, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq and more..

My Personal Story

Because of my eclectic range of interests and a desire to create in so many different media, I think most people find me hard to label or categorize. That has been both a blessing and a challenge. I grew up in Canada, but moved to the USA in my early adulthood and now have dual citizenship.I have a design degree from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California as well as an MBA in Information Technology from City University of Seattle. My clients throughout the years have included dozens of Fortune 500 companies including Disney, Mattel, Lego, Nickelodeon, Ford, Chevy, Scion, McDonald's, Coke and Paramount Pictures. I've been fortunate and I'm grateful for all of it. I grew up in a competitive water-skiing family where both my mom and sister were national champions. It wasn't until I learned rock climbing in my late teens that I really found my passion and taste for adventure and extreme sports. Since then I have climbed and traveled to more than 30 countries where I've been able to enjoy all kinds of fun adventures including climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, hang-gliding, skydiving and skiing. Along the way I have met incredible people and made friends from all parts of the globe, learned to surf in Sri Lanka, practice yoga in Bali, ride camels in Jordan and swim with elephants in Laos. I have loved and lost and loved again through hardship, tragedy and triumph. I am deeply grateful for all I have experienced in this world and hope I can continue to learn and grow and share for a long time to come.

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