Why I’m Launching This Website

Increasingly I have been turning my attention to writing and related media as an outlet for my creativity. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a designer and image-maker to the core, but I'm also a storyteller and a lover of writing. As a Creative Director, I was able to use design as well as copy-writing in the course of my work of course, but the focus was on selling, converting, persuading the various products and services that clients paid me for. What I haven't done so much on lately, is tell my stories and share my own experiences or points of view..

I think I'm a pretty ordinary person who has had the great fortune to have lived an extraordinary life so far. Some of this has merely been the result of inherited genes or the accident of birth, but some of it has also been a result of the choices I've made down the line. Some of these choices have very nearly gotten me killed on more than one occasion and some have resulted in various successes, failures, loves, heartaches, friendships, hardships and other stuff that go into making a life.

Education, learning and growth have always been at the heart of what I do. My life has been filled with lessons from teachers and folks you meet along the way. Some of the best lessons have been gleaned from experiences that might have been missed except for being vigilant about such opportunities and a little reflection here and there. These people have all contributed to my growth and evolution and for that I am supremely grateful. Now I want more than ever to put back and share my knowledge and experiences to help others. I want to inspire people to find their dharma and live deliberate lives of passion, meaning and purpose.

The books I've published already or have in progress don't fit neatly into a single category because neither do my own interests, passions, skills or experience. Therefore I can't label my work easily into genres such as Sci-fi, Business, Self-Help, Memoirs, Children's or anything else. If I can reach even one person though and provide them some value by way of entertainment, learning or inspiration then I will be happy.

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