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I am located in fab Portland, Oregon and available for on, or offsite contract opportunities anywhere in the region. Most of my freelance work is done online remotely and I'm very well set up for that kind of working situation. In fact, I have worked successfully through some very complex projects for clients such as Lego, where no one on the team was even remotely geographically close to each other. The thing that is great about that kind of situation is that ALL my hours are productive hours, communication and sharing are easy, feedback immediate and the whole thing is a lot more ecologically friendly to boot.

That said, I am a total road warrior and happy to travel practically anywhere in the known Universe to help you succeed with your project. In fact, I have visited more than 30 countries at last count and all but 3 of the continental United States at least once. In fact, ask me about my travel blog when we talk.

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